Loving My Life

Avoiding Ostentation At All Costs

Many people who are successful in life started with little or nothing, and they worked hard for years before they made it in their field. They see life as an opportunity they took hold of, but they do not necessarily feel they need to present their success to everyone they meet. Some of them have learned the hard way that showing off financial wealth can be a path to attracting people who want what they have, and others have chosen a quiet life where they can find what they really want. Avoiding ostentation is about having wealth without the need to use it as a way to control or command others, and living that way can have its own rewards.

A Flashy Vehicle

There are many people who have suddenly found success that begin spending their money quickly, and they often find it brings them only temporary gratification. The person who purchases a flashy vehicle will be delighted with how it handles, but they might also find people pay attention to them only because they were able to procure it. If this type of attention is not what they want, they might find it pays to trade in that flashy automobile for something more sensible. They will be able to get attention they deserve instead of flattery that wears think quickly.

An Enormous House

Those who have found financial success in their field will often buy an enormous house that fits their means, but it might be too large or ornate for their personal taste. A mansion might suit those who have a large family or many friends, but it will hardly be worthwhile for a person with no spouse or children. They might find that all those bedrooms are great for friends and acquaintances to come for long visits, but the cost of hosting them might be draining their finances. Trading in a mansion for a more suitable home might make their life less complex and more affordable.

Dating Dilemma

Success is nice, and it can pay off in terms of being able to get a date with someone who might have been unattainable before. It is unfortunate that there are some people who date others only because they have wealth or means, and their affections are more for what they can get instead of the person they are dating. The dating dilemma for those who have made it is one where they want to be with others, but they find they want a real emotional attachment. Dating discreetly without being ostentatious can give them the means to find someone who will love them instead of their possessions.

Working hard to achieve a goal is an admirable way to live, but achieving it does not always bring the happiness people dream it can create. They might find that showing off their wealth is a ticket to attracting those who want something from them instead of sharing their life. associations with those who want their possessions or wealth are much more likely if they live in an ostentation manner than if they choose a quiet life where they are content.