Loving My Life

Lack of Genuine Companionship

When two people begin a committed relationship, they often take vows to go through everything together. They mean the words they say at the time, but few of them realize how difficult it can be to go through a long term illness as a couple. The love and affection between them can remain the same for years, but the lack of companionship can affect them in ways they never imagined. Couples who have been together for years are used to talking about the issues that need resolution, and they are accustomed to having someone with them always to help them feel less lonely when obstacles obscure their future.

A Curable Affliction

There are times when a person might come down with an illness that is only temporary, but it might take a year or two before they can come back home. Their partner is often able to help them through it, and their dedication will seldom fail. They are not likely to begin looking for companionship because they will be busy helping their partner get through whatever ails them, so those with a curable affliction are less likely to be the victim of an unfaithful partner. It can help them succeed in their recovery, and the couple might find their bonds of love and tolerance for each other are stronger.

Incurable Illnesses

Modern medicine has performed many cures that seem miraculous, but there are still incurable illnesses that remain to plague couples. A spouse might find their partner has a disease that will take their mind away while leaving their body in place, and it can be a difficult way to go through life. They can visit their loved one whenever they want, but there is no guarantee they will be acknowledged. Finding a companion might be the answer, but they will need to be discreet so family and friends will not find out. The couple may have discussed the need for a companion in the event of this type of illness, but those outside the relationship will be less than understanding.

Seeking Comfort

One of the key elements of a long term relationship is the comfort partners provide for each other when life goes astray, and it is difficult for a person making medical decisions for a loved one to feel any comfort at all. They might find they are looking for a person to be with them because they are seeking comfort in a different manner, and it is generally not about a sexual relationship. They want a person to sit across the table from them when they eat, they are searching for someone to have a good conversation with them, or they might just want physical relief that will get them through one more day.

There are many reasons a person might need a discreet companion when their partner is ill, but not all of them are about cheating. They might feel that way as they seek a temporary replacement, but many simply want someone who makes them feel at home in a situation where their spouse will likely never be there with them again.